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​​​​​ Truck & Vans bySuperior Custom Designs Inc. 

Serving Pittsburgh & Continental US - "Vehicle Customization, From Concept to Completion"

  • Insulate Right The First Time - Choose Modular Panel Insulation

  • High Density Insulation - Consistant 3 Inch standard 

  • Light Weight In Construction

  • 100% Insulated walls, floor & roof.  Highest R Value
  • No Heavy Wood Framing used in the construction
  • Excellent Cooling Performance
  • Professionally CNC'd cut panels for perfect fit

  • Higher Cargo Payload 

  • Seamless, Jointless Walls, Floor and Roof

  • Smooth High Gloss Internal Finish

  • No screws used in construction
  • Quick & Easy to install 

Inefficient way to insulate a van.

Spray Foam Disadvantages   
Superior Custom Designs does not use spray foam when insulating a van. Although spray foam is a good insulation material, there are two main disadvantages in using spray foam, the first disadvantage, there is no guarantee that the insulation thickness applied is consistent and this in consistancy reduces the thermal efficiency of the insulation dramtaically.    

Superior Custom Designs only use 100%, 3" compressed panel insulation structure that guarantees thermal efficeiency, we do not use wooden framing that reduces the amount of insulation within the van.

The second disadvantage of spray foam is when applied to a van the foam is sprayed directly to the skin of the van and due to the expansion and adhesion of the foam the vehicle's exterior skin, this "buckles and warps" the skin out of shape, leaving a uneven panel surface (see above). Superior Custom Designs insulation is not applied or attached to the exterior skin of the van so no skin distortion happens with Superior Custom Designs insulation.


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Superior Custom Designs Inc., 42 Allegheny Square,  Glassport PA   15045,  

Modular Insulation

We have insulation kits for most vans on the market.

Superior Custom Designs has years of industry experience insulating and refrigerating panel vans.  Introduced to North America in 2009, Superior Custom Designs premium insulation provides the highest quality and cooling performance available in the market today.  Precision CNC machine routed panels ensure a perfect fit in a panel van.  Standard 3” inches of high grade insulation means that all walls, floor, bulkhead, roof are 100% insulated and “thermally balanced” to the highest standard, ensuring perfect cooling performance in high ambient temperatures of 100⁰F. (38⁰C).
Superior Custom Designs will provide you with the right advice when refrigerating your van. Making the wrong choice of insulation will lead to your reefer package not cooling correctly.  Superior Custom Designs guarantee this performance.  Build your reefervan right the first time.