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​​​​​ Truck & Vans bySuperior Custom Designs Inc. 

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Superior Custom Designs Inc., 42 Allegheny Square,  Glassport PA   15045,  


 Premium PVC flooring in Shale color
 Color coordinated wall upholstery
 Color coordinated trim panels
​ Color coordinated day/night blinds
 Individually controlled zone lighting and reading lights
 4 each Custom Black Soft Touch upholstered certified luxury class seats with 3 point seat belts
 1 each Custom Luxury class seat with optional leg rest, air circulation, custom harness and massage
 Reupholster of driver and passenger seats to match luxury class seats
 Dash mounted Premium stereo with GPS, am/fm, DVD, Cd, Satellite, Bluetooth and Back up camera
 32” front mounted LED television or 2 ceiling mounted flip down 15”-19” monitors
 Rear Premium stereo with 4 speakers and am/fm, dvd, Cd, satellite radio and Bluetooth
 Additional loft storage designed into area above driver passenger area
​ Deluxe real wood overhead cabinets in Mahogany #3
 Folding clothes hanging bar
 Rear Bathroom with elevated toilet, hand wash station and real wood passage door
 2000 Watt inverter system with AGM Batteries and 120VAC supplied to the passenger area
 Compact refrigerator and microwave kitchenette
 Premium HVAC unit
​ Wheel chair tie down provisions with ratchet binders
 Collapsible and folding ramp 10’ with storage area
 Removable pedestal seat base for rearmost captain chair
 Reinforcement for sling style lift
 Deluxe color matched running board/ground effects
​ Custom color coordinated floor mats
​ Dash and driver compartment accent pieces matched to wood trim

     *STARTING at $98,750.00

Specialty / Mobility

This customer had very specific needs for a brain injury patient who was left paralyzed.  The family likes to take long trips to the beach.  However, traveling for several hours in a conventional mobility van proved too difficult for the caregivers and family to ride comfortably.  The client sitting in his wheelchair for several hours proved to be medically challenging.  We worked closely with their medical support staff, took careful measurements of their equipment and even the clients body dimensions so we could accuarately create a custom chair and ensure that they could enter the vehicle safely and transfer the patient from a wheelchair to the custom captains chair.  We utilized a 4 point seat belt similar to what race car drivers  use and had the seat manufactured with additional lateral bolsters to help the patient maintain proper posture.  We also provided a seat with air circulation.  His chair has an integrated recliner as well.

This seat location has its own TV/DVD player for the patient to stay entertained.  The seat surrounding were mounted on swivel base so the support staff could attend the patient.   A custom ramp was engineered to enter the vehicle and handle the weight of the patient and the staff.